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4p Bungalow Zwaluw ZWALUW Situated on the playing ground overlooking a free view on the meadows. Fantastic bungalow for 4 persons with an open kitchen, two bedrooms and separate a shower and toilet.


Tidy bungalow with a view on the meadows and the playing field. Suitable for 4 persons, with a spacious livingroom. Terrace on the south, so enjoy your time on the Rietberg.

Bungalow Bosuil and Silvatica

New bungalow, located in the middle of the park, fully equipped. Modern furnished with ample living space in and around the house. Enjoy the peace and the squirrels around the house to the fullest.

Specht en Sperwer

Situated on the edge of the park, these luxuvious bungalows provided with all conveniencer. Modernly furnished with sufficient living space in and around the house. Accessible for wheelchair with spacious rooms. Satisfied in every way and enjoying the rest on the Veluwe.

Merel, Koolmees, Houtduif en Eekhoorn

These bungalows with upper floor are unique because of the spacious living rooms with sliding sun-lounge doors to the terrace. Fantastic luxurious bungalow for 4 persons. Bedrooms and bathroom are on the first floor.


This comfy bungalow, has been favourite for years by a lot of our guests. Open fire in the livingroom and 2 bedrooms. Suitable for 4 persons.